What You Think = What You Attract!

[Video Transcription]:

What Your Mind Focuses On Will Be Your Return In Business

On my mind is the four day golf weekend I just came back from. Which is pretty darn instructive. And it’s all about mindset it’s all about you know what you think about most you’re going to kind of attract the most. So for instance this past weekend when we’re on this golf trip we had one guy with us who was just so negative about everything.

You know when he speaks you know teeing up the ball. He’s like well “this one’s going to go in the water.” Guess what. It went in the water. When he’s on the putting green is like “man I’m going to miss this five foot putt” guess what, he missed the five putt. But it’s not that you know he was not a gifted athlete he’s a good athlete. It’s just he was pretty much programming his mind for all the negative crap. He’s kind of looking and saying this just never works for me so guess what. It’s never going to work for him. We saw that happen time and time and time and time again.

Now I try to work with him as much as I can because honestly I can’t stand negative people I can’t stand people you know looking for the negatives all the time because there’s an abundance of positive out there. If you start to look for it. That’s my philosophy and I tried to impart it on him and he just wasn’t having any of it. But you know just kind of a case in point that you know what your mind focuses on you’re gonna find

A few years ago my wife and I decided we were gonna get a Jeep Wrangler because we want it. We had a place on the beach.

So we want to be able to take the top down and it just seemed like the perfect beach vehicle that we never owned a Jeep Wrangler before. But the moment we decided we were gonna get one of those. I saw them everywhere driving down the road. I couldn’t believe how many Jeep Wranglers there were they were everywhere. And now did they just magically appear? Did everybody say hey because Ron Ipach is gonna buy one. That must be the right car to have. So everybody ran out and got one. Of course not. You know it’s just your mind starts focusing on on something and you start to see it everywhere. Well to take it to the next step when we decided on a color.  So we decided on the vehicle. Now we decided on the color and my wife really loved this blue color. So. Guess what, we’re getting the blue one. Guess what I started seeing everywhere.

The blue jeep. the blue Jeep Wrangler the exact one that we decided we were going to get. Guess what we saw it everywhere. See what your mind focuses on, is what you’re going to see. So how does that relate to your business? Well, if you’re gonna focus on there are no good technicians out there. Guess what you’re going to find? A lot of really shitty technicians. If you’re going to focus having a lot of cheap ass bottom feeding customers and nobody’s gonna pay what you’re what you’re worth, guess what you’re going to find? Guess what you’re going to attract to your shop? Those really shitty bottom feeding, crappy customers, that nobody wants. It’s because you’re inviting them and you’re seeing it over and over and over again.

A lot of times, when you focus on that, you’re actually focusing and finding what’s in the tiny minority. You may have some crappy customers but if you focus on that, and say all of my customers are crappy just because of the few that are, guess what? You’re gonna have a really bad attitude about your business. If you’re looking at building a million dollar shop and say “I’ll never have a million dollar shop,” guess what? Your chances of having a million dollar shop is between slim and none. See it’s what you focus on is what you’re going to get.

Now it’s not it’s not that simple.

Obviously you don’t just sit there and just think about all those positive things and and having money flow to you. That’s no that’s not the way it works.

Your positive mindset gets you started get you started in the right direction. See if you think you can do it. Guess what? You’re going to take the steps to actually go and do it. If you think that it’s an impossibility that you’re never gonna be able to do that. Guess what?

You’re not going to put forth much effort or any effort at all to get it done. So your mindset is the catalyst that get you started. And once you get started and keeping that positive mindset is going to help you get better and better and better and better all the time. So check your attitude at the door. You know just start thinking about how can I make this day better. How can I make my business better.

Do me a favor. For the next two weeks, heck, for today just go and start thinking about the positives that are out there. If you see something that you want to kind of start thinking negative thoughts about or you find yourself thinking negative turn it around turn it on its ear and say what’s the exact opposite. So if a technician screws up, and you say ‘well, you know, he’s a really shitty technician and all the technicians suck,’ turn it around say ‘you know what he made a mistake. Otherwise he’s a good guy and he’s learning a lot, and he’s been a positive to the business.’ Start to think of it that way.

I guarantee you’ll start finding the good things about it start finding the good things in all the people that are around you, catch them doing something right instead of something wrong for a change. I guarantee things will start happening. Again a positive mindset is a catalyst to get started and it’s the fuel to keep you going. But you have to do something you have to take those actions and believe they can happen for you.