Unlocking The Code To Running A Successful Auto Repair Shop

Do You Have The Code To A Successful Auto Repair Shop?

[Video Transcription]: I was just cleaning off my desk. Through all the mess I found a little lock that that I used in a recent webinar that I recorded, that actually by the way, is still available if you’d like to see it. Maybe I’ll post that down below if you’d like to see the video that I use it in. But, on that video I compare running a successful shop owner to being able to open up the lock. There are 10 digits all the way around and there’s four down so there are 10,000 possible combinations to be able to open up the lock.

The comparison that I make with that and running a successful auto repair business is that there is a certain way that you need to be able to do things if you want to get the success that you’re looking for. Much like trying to open up this lock. So if you’re trying to open up this lock and you’re doing the wrong things – and even doing the right things but you’re doing them in the wrong in the wrong order – you’re never going to be able to open up this lock.

Don’t Follow In The Same Footsteps As The Shop Down The Street

Unfortunately for a lot of shop owners, they’re trying to figure it out by trial and error. So it’s just much like spinning the dials on a lock and yanking on it constantly and trying to figure out the right combination to get this open. It’s all a series of trial and error, or worse yet, they look at the shop down the street and try to figure out what numbers on the combination that they’re trying to use and trying to get some ideas and advice from somebody that, chances are, haven’t figured out the right combination either.

The shop down the street may just be putting on the appearance that things are going really well, and that’s where the problem is: far too often I find people are unwilling to look for the help that they need. I owe all of the success that I’ve had so far in my fifty six years of existence to having a coach. It started off with baseball, and football, and basketball. I had a coach to help me learn the game and tell me what I’m doing right. And tell me what I’m doing wrong. You know throughout school I had a coach a.k.a. a teacher somebody that was there to guide me.

But for some reason after everybody gets out of school or they open up a business, they figure they can do it on their own. And yes, there are some people that are self-made success stories and they never had any help from anybody else. But you’re talking about maybe one in 10 million people that have that kind of success story that they can share with you and be honest about it because everybody has a mentor that’s helped them along the way.

The purpose of this is, you need to figure out what is best for you and the right combination for you that’s going to be able open up that lock. Because once you get it right and you get it in right position all you have to do is lather, rinse, repeat. Keep doing the same combination and opening a lock every time you need to get to that next level.

Doing The Right Things, In The Right Order

So not only is it important to figure out what these four digits are and what the right order is to have them you know to put them in. But believe it or not there’s a lot of people that actually have all of that knowledge and they know exactly what the four digits are. They know exactly what the combination is. But for some reason they simply don’t take the action. They don’t actually go and spin the dial. So when we’re talking about a real life situation, change is difficult. It’s tough to change what you’ve done in the past. And sometimes you just shy away from it and it prevents you from picking up that lock and spinning it in the right direction.

Sometimes that’s all it needs, is just taking action on what you already know. So if you don’t know what the right order is or what that digits on the combination are, well, I invite you to watch my video. As I said I’ll go ahead and post a link to that webinar where you can pretty much watch it on demand you just choose a good time that’s right for you and watch it. I go through and tell you what I believe are the four digits of the combination that you need in order to get to the next level. But regardless, I hope this has really helped you out.

I hope you kind of get an idea that trial and error is not the way to do things. There’s 10,000 possible combinations here and there’s probably a million different combinations when it comes to running an auto repair shop and getting the results that you’re looking for.