The Number One Rule Of Engagement for your Auto Repair Shop

How To Create More Online Engagement For Your Shop

[Video Transcription]:

Today I got a an email from Sue from automated auto repair in California with a really good question. I figured I’d go ahead and answer for her as well as everybody else. She writes No one no one seems to be seeing my facebook posts anymore on her business page I am going to assume. How come I keep seeing hers. Well that’s a really really great question because it’s all about the rule of engagement. Let’s think about this. If you’re going to use Facebook for any sort of marketing at all or trying to get some sort of message out there or answer questions for your clients just like I’m doing right now. However you’re going to use Facebook for marketing your business you have to understand Facebook is a social media platform. OK. And and that’s really why it’s important that you use it for the social platform that it is. So what does a social platform mean. Well it means being interactive with people being real social with them is key it’s really important that you do have some sort of interaction with them. Well what does interaction mean. Well it means engagement. So what is engagement? Facebook looks at engagement and every time you click that like button below the Facebook Live video.

Click the Like button over on our official Facebook Group, maybe you share this video. So when I’m done with this you want to share this out to more people that you know that are in the auto repair industry and you want to get this video out there or maybe even other business owners if they want to know how to use Facebook properly. But of course what we want to do is click the Like button below I see some people clicking it right now which is great. That’s what engagement is. Comment below. You know I typically end these these videos with the request click the Like button below. Leave a comment below because that’s what Facebook is looking for. The more interaction you have with your audience the people that you want to connect with most the more they are going to reward you. Another really big thing that you can do is exactly what I’m doing right now which is a Facebook Live video. Now I know a lot of people get a little scared when they’re talking about doing a live video. But Facebook actually rewards you. So many of you probably if you’re on Facebook I see a lot of people are on it right now. You got notification in your News Feed that I was going line. So it automatically popped up right there in front of you.

And if you’re not watching this live chances are when you went over to Facebook you saw that the notification that I was live. So it winds up in your feet.

How Facebook Engagement Works For Your Business

Facebook is has done a great job at filtering a lot of noise that’s out there because you know if you if you saw all of the posts from all of your friends all day long on on Facebook it would be just like this giant ticker tape it just pumping stuff past. So what Facebook does is I think they do a pretty good job at filtering out a lot of things that you don’t want to see. And how do they determine what you want to see what you don’t want to see. Well it’s your engagement. So if you click a video. So those of you that are watching the replay of this on Facebook you click the video. So that’s an engagement. So Facebook looks at that and says oh OK, They’re interested in what Ron had to say. So maybe we’ll show Ron’s posts in the future. The same thing when you click that like button again. Go ahead. Those of you that just join me right now click that like button below. It’s important that you do that if you want to see more and more of these videos and share the videos do live videos. So what I’m basically saying is if people aren’t seeing your post nearly as much as they used to it’s simply because Facebook algorithm and however they do that has been filtering out and you’re not getting your message to the people that you want to get your message to because they’re simply not liking or commenting or having some sort of interaction with you.

So what you need to do is first use Facebook Live. You need to click that like button below so that so that there’s that interaction you want to have a post that people want to comment on so that they leave a comment below make them interesting so that people will click your videos or or see the images that you put up there. Because Facebook really what they want to know is are you interesting to the people you want to connect with. That’s the reason why your folks aren’t seeing your post nearly as much as they used to. There’s just so much noise out there and Facebook is rewarding those who are being more social and haven’t having more engagement and interaction with them with their with their audience and they are penalizing people that are just you know blasting out stuff that people don’t want to see.

Ask Me Anything Webinar Event

Speaking of being a lot more interactive, this afternoon, my business partner Gerry Frank and I were are gonna be available on a live conference to ask and to answer any questions you may have again. What we want to be is very interactive with the audience that that that we serve which our auto repair shop owners.

So what we want to do is we want to be a lot more available to you . This afternoon we will be available for a live, ask us any question, Webinar. Just like sort of like what you’re seeing above. And you can post questions you can send in questions in advance and watch the video later on if you can’t be on it with us live. But we’re here to answer all your questions now you know me Captain Car Count when it comes to marketing your shop. I can pretty much tell you what you need to do and how to do it when to do it why they do it and kind of results. You can expect using the different things because that’s really what I’ve specialized in the past 20 plus years is the marketing end of it and also handle a lot more of the mindset in your heads kind of screwed on right. My business partner well-known in the industry for taking a rundown abandoned shop in one of the poorest cities in the nation during the height of the recession and took it from zero sales to a million dollars in sales in one year. Now you can probably figure he knows how to grow a business. He knows how to grow business very quickly very profitably by the way we’ll be sharing and talking about our little magic formula here on how to take 20 percent of your income your sales.

As an owner you can take that home as your income which is way more than the typical shop owner makes. We’ll show you we can answer some questions about this as to how you can go ahead and do that. Ask us any question you want. No questions are out of bounds and trust me if you know me. There are zero questions you can ask me that I will not answer no matter how bad they are her or how good they are. We won’t be holding back on them. So if you’d like to when I’m done with this or maybe one of my staff members will post a link to that below in the comments section if you’d like to be on that live call with us. Fantastic. Just go. You click on there and you register and you get notification of when that call is I believe we’re doing it well it’s tomorrow afternoon. So as a record this it’s it’s Tuesday so it’s gonna be Wednesday afternoon. The details will be on the question or questions the comments section below. OK. So speaking of engagement what we want to do is we want to engage with you our people that are interested in what we have to say. I want to also be able to be a lot more engaging to you on Facebook here so please go down below click that button if you didn’t already do that or leave a comment or share this video just engage with me a little bit more and you will see a lot more of this.