Your most productive part of the day!

When Are Auto Repair Shop Owners Most Productive?

[Video Transcription] I want to talk about when auto repair shop owners are most productive. I know for me, the most productive part of the day is the morning. Case in point, I recorded the Live Video above at 4:10 p.m. Eastern Time. And I’ll tell you, I was staring at my computer for a good 20 minutes or so trying to figure out what the heck I was going to talk about today because I made a commitment that every day I was going to be doing one of these Facebook live videos in the Successful Shop Owner Facebook Group.  Things got in the way this morning to where I wasn’t in my natural routine. Normally in the morning I don’t have a problem coming up with things to talk about, I mean, I can talk forever in the morning but here it is in the afternoon, a little bit more tired, and a little bit out of my element. I went out talk with my staff and tried to get them to come up with ideas they came up with a million great ideas that just nothing felt right.

So I figured I’d go ahead and talk about my situation right now. The thing that was the most difficult thing for me to do is come up with something to talk about, because it’s the wrong part of the day for me.

The Best Time To Get Auto Repair Work Done

Everybody’s got their cycle. Everybody’s got their time of day. Some shop owners are morning people, some are midday, some are late in the day people where you tend to be more prolific when you get a lot more done. Well you have to pay attention to that. You need to schedule your day all about that because if you are more productive in a productive in the morning you can’t afford to to schedule meetings in the morning or or you know be in that situation where other people are going into band more of your time because maybe that’s when you need to be working on your business a lot more because you’re more productive then and schedule more of the mundane the daily things in the time of the day that you know it’s just a little bit more ho hum for you. OK you got to get it done every single day. And it’s just like working out. So I prefer working out in the morning because if I don’t work out in the morning I’m not going to get it done because I’m not going to feel motivated to get it done so I get up extra early in the morning and I go work out.

It’s the first thing in the morning so I get it out of the way you know by the way. I don’t enjoy working out. I enjoy having worked out so I get that done get it out of the way and then I’m super productive because there’s a lot more endorphins flowing in and it works really well for me in the morning. But look if you’re a late night person like one of our little one of the resident the millennials here in the office is a late night guy so he gets most of his work done in the evening. And you know look that’s really where you want to put your nose to the grindstone when you can get it done. So pay attention to that cycle whether it’s in your shop whether it’s in your personal life or whatever. You have a time that’s really productive for you. Stick to it and your day will be a whole lot better because you’re going to get a whole lot more done in that way. Look it’s Friday we can go out on the weekend and enjoy because we’ve got all of our work done.