It’s Time To Get Pissed Off!

Everyone wants the answer on how to have a successful auto repair shop, and if you’re not part of the minority, I want you to get totally pissed off. Now, let me explain what I’m talking about. If your auto repair business isn’t where you thought it would be by now, that should upset the hell out of you. I mean, that should be something that would just kind of make your blood boil.

What do I mean by that? Think about what it was like when you started your automotive business or when you first had that idea in your head of starting a business. You thought, “Well, I’ll to be able to do what I want when I want with whoever I want and I’ll have plenty of free time and money to go out and do everything,” right? That’s the probably a good reason as to why you started the business, so you can have that freedom and the money and just the pride of owning the business. But along the way something happened and the business doesn’t do what you thought it would. Maybe life got in the way. You know, the reality of running an auto repair shop just a sucked you dry. And I want to get back into that.

I want to get your head back into that feeling of what you thought the life was going to be like. And if you’re not there, that should thoroughly piss you off.

The reason I’m telling you to “Get mad, get pissed off,” is because that’s where change happens. There’s a lot of times where if you think about something as, “Oh, the business isn’t where it needs to be,” you automatically start thinking of reasons why. The complacency sets in of, “Well, you just can’t find good techs,” or, “People don’t have money,” or, “It’s the economy,” or, “It’s my location,” or it’s this or it’s that.  Whatever it is. You find a way to make it okay. And I’m here to tell you it’s not okay. You need to get thoroughly pissed off because that’s the only way you’re going to be able to change for the better.

And, look, I know a lot of shop owners are doing fantastic with their shops, and if that’s you, great. But I know you can do better. Never settle. If your business is doing great, why don’t you make it more great? If your business sucks, why not make it good? Why not make it good, then great, then greater, then awesome!

You know, summer’s coming up. I know we’re still in winter time, but, it’s only a few months away before spring, and then just a short three months later we’re in summer. When’s the last time you went on a really, really good vacation with your family? When was the last time you were able to take some time off away from the shop to go golfing, fishing, hunting, shooting guns, whatever? If it’s been a while, that should thoroughly piss you off. And you got to make those changes. You’ve got to do some things in order to have a change in your business.

So look, get pissed off about it. It really should piss you off that you’re not where you want to be right now. It should thoroughly pissed you off that you could be further than you are right now in your auto repair shop’s business. When you get mad, you get going!

Hopefully that helps. I’d like to remind you and all shop owners to join and get more people to join the Successful Shop Owner Group because I want to grow a hell of a community here, and you get more live videos like the one above (and not just the recording!). I want to take shop owners to the next level and beyond.