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When you join the Repair Shop Coach coaching program, you’ll be granted the opportunity to work with a coach and join a community of proven and successful auto repair shop owners. Not only will you receive the privileges of ‘re-charge meetings,’ extensive training videos, Q&A calls, and monthly marketing campaigns, but you’ll also gain exclusive online access to:

    • Marketing Tool Kit: filled with ready to use, proven marketing materials and strategies
    • Systems and Operations Tool Kit: with even more forms and ‘tools’ to use at your disposal
    • Service Advisor Sales Training Videos: filled with dozens of on-demand strategies to boost your sales, average ticket & GPM
    • Customer Service Representative Training: to help your CSR handle all aspects of the job – including top-notch phone skills

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Dear shop owner, let me ask you a few questions…

  •  Are you tired of not having enough quality car count in your shop?
  •  Is the endless ‘feast or famine’ of this business driving you nuts?
  •  Are you frustrated with running around your shop all day putting out fires – instead of getting any ‘real’ work done?
  •  Are you ready to get a proven plan handed to you on a silver platter that will help you attract an endless supply of customers, crank up your profits, and get your shop running in tip-top shape – while working fewer hours than you’ve ever worked before?

If so, you’ll want to do everything humanly possible to clear your schedule and join us at the next Bootcamp!

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