When you join the Repair Shop Coach coaching program, you’ll be granted the opportunity to work with a coach and join a community of proven and successful auto repair shop owners. Not only will you receive the privileges of ‘re-charge meetings,’ extensive training videos, Q&A calls, and monthly marketing campaigns, but you’ll also gain exclusive online access to:

    • Marketing Tool Kit: filled with ready to use, proven marketing materials and strategies
    • Systems and Operations Tool Kit: with even more forms and ‘tools’ to use at your disposal
    • Service Advisor Sales Training Videos: filled with dozens of on-demand strategies to boost your sales, average ticket & GPM
    • Customer Service Representative Training: to help your CSR handle all aspects of the job – including top-notch phone skills

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Captain Car Count would like to invite you to a very special

Ron Ipach (a.k.a. Captain Car Count) will reveal for the very first time, the proven 4-step process that he’s secretly been teaching to his private clients for the past 21 years, that’ll practically guarantee 2018 to be a blow-out success for you.

With these four steps, you’ll be able to…

  • Magnetically attract more (and even better!) customers to your shop
  • Easily sell them your services at higher prices than your competitors
  • Increase your take-home pay by 30%, 50%, or more
  • Find, hire, and keep that elusive tech you’ve been searching for
  • Put the fun back into running your shop!

There is zero cost to attend this live training and you won’t even have to leave the shop. All you need to do is set aside about 45 minutes out of your day to join me right here on your computer.

Find Employees Hire Techs Keep Technicians

Repair Shop Coach Hosting How to Find, Hire, And Keep Great Techs!

“On this training, I reveal a radically different approach 
to finding and hiring great techs that’s been working like 
gangbusters for lots of my clients all over the country.” – Ron Ipach

As you already know, finding good, qualified technicians isn’t as easy as it was in years past. Gone are the days of simply placing a few ads online or in the newspaper help-wanted section.

When you combine the fact that more shops than ever are in the hunt for qualified applicants, with the ever-shrinking pool of technicians to draw from, it’s no wonder so many shop owners are frustrated with their search.

​​​​​​​Attracting good technicians today requires a radically different approach, and on this highly informative online training event, Ron Ipach, president of Repair Shop Coach, will walk you through the same strategies that his clients are using to attract lots of highly qualified to their shops on a consistent basis.​​​​​​​

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