Want more great customers in your shop? Do this simple thing…

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Quick Strategy To Double Your Car Count

Somebody made mention that every time I do one of these videos while I’m driving in my car, it seems like I’m in a different car. And you know, he’s right! I have four cars at my house and only two drivers (two cars each). I know you may know me as the marketing guy. Captain Car Count and all that. So today I wanted to talk about car count and give you this quick little tip on exactly how to double your car count overnight. Would you like to know how to double your car count literally overnight? Quickly easily inexpensively and with the best customers you could possibly get would you like.

Well, remember I just said I have two drivers in my house, but we’ve got four vehicles.

Well did you realize that the average American household has around two vehicles sitting in their driveway? Yes. Two vehicles sitting in the driveway. Now if you look at your database chances are you’re not seeing both of those vehicles in your shop you’re only seeing one of them.

The average car should be in your shop probably three times a year and your average customer has two cars sitting in the driveway. So that means every one of your customers,  if you market to them, if you pay attention to them, if you invite them back, and if you put a carrot in front of them and invite them back in to your shop chances are, they’re going to come back more often with the car that they have that you’ve already worked on. Also, they’ll come to your shop with the other cars that are already sitting in their driveway.

Invite Your Current Customers Back

Look in your database and find out how many visits you’re getting per customer. So if that customer is only coming back two or three times a year you’re missing out. You’re only getting them in half as many times as you really should because they’ve got more cars in his driveway.

Every car should at least come in twice a year unless it’s a brand new car. So you should at least get four visits for every household that’s in your database. And if you’re not, you need to start paying attention to your database. Market to your customers time and time again, you’ve got to stay on them you’ve got to make sure they come back. It’s a whole lot easier to get somebody back in the door than it is to go out and get a brand new customer. People are looking to get new customers and new customers don’t know anything about you, nor do you know anything about them.

Invite the good people back and they’re going to bring their car back in more often and they’re going to bring the other car that’s sitting in their driveway right now. Or, sitting in their spouses work spot right now. They’re going to start bringing those to your shop. That’s the quickest easiest way to improve your car count market to people that already know love and trust you and get them in the door.