It’s Motivation Monday!

[Video Transcription]:

Welcome to Motivation Monday! I hope you had a really really good weekend and this is just the start of a phenomenal week for you. I was thinking about what I was going to talk about this morning and I remembered going to an event back in the late 1990s. Down in downtown Cincinnati, in a giant auditorium and the great motivational speaker Zig Ziglar was there and he opened up his talk he was there for a couple hours or so he opened up his talk with a series of questions that I never ever forgot. And his very first question was: how many of you by show of hands know that there’s something you can do today you believe there’s something good that you could do today that’s going to make your life better? Of course everybody’s hand went up. I mean you know exactly what you can do to make your life better right? Then he ask question: So how many of you believe that there’s something you could do today that’s going to make your life a whole lot worse? Of course everybody kind of laughed and of course my mind starts thinking about all the really fun things that can probably do that would make my life worse.

So of course I raise my hand and then… the last thing is the kicker. Really what I’m getting to he says if you believe that there’s something that you can do today to make your life better then you also believe that there’s something you could do today to make your life worse. If you believe that. If you believe that, if you believe there’s something you could do to make your life better and something you can do to make your life worse, then you also believe that the choice is yours. And I thought about that for a little bit. And I also realized that, wow, the choice really is mine. So for example I can get out of bed and stumble and stub my toe on that on the bed frame and most people would look at and say great it’s gonna be another one of those days, right? If it starts off that bad just getting out of bed you stub your toe. What kind of day are you going to have will immediately start thinking well it’s going to be a really crappy day right.

Or you can also look at and say you know what. That’s the worst thing that’s possibly going to happen to me today. It started at the bottom and I’m at the bottom my toe is broken or sore. You know I’m writhing in pain. That’s the worse it’s gonna get and I’m going to have a much better day. So it’s all about the attitude it’s about the choice that you bring into it okay so you know what kind of day are you going to have. The choice is 100 percent yours. Now of course it helps to surround yourself by more positive people and more positive things OK. It’s easier to have a better day when there’s a lot of other people around you having a good day. Or that you’re you’re focusing on things that are going to make your day better. But if on the way to the shop if you’re listening to the news if you’re on Facebook and you’re reading all the crap on Facebook all the fake news stories that are designed to entice you and excite you in one way or another that’s not something that I would consider to be a very positive thing to kind of force upon yourself.

I mean those are the things that you can easily get rid of Don’t listen to the news don’t don’t read the stuff that’s on Facebook. Don’t hang around with the people that drag you down if you find customers are out constantly talking about negative stuff. Walk away Do whatever you can to kind of protect yourself remember the choice is yours and if somebody else is having a really bad day it’s a lot more difficult for you to have a really good day because they’re kind of bringing you down. Think about this, if you go into the shop and you have an employee that is constantly talking negative and is constantly causing you to have a really bad day remember the choice is you years are you going to continue to employ that person or are you going to give them some training. Are you going to give him a good talking to that you know it’s a matter of you know either got to shape up or you’re out of here. That’s a choice you get to make. Remember the choice is yours whether you’re going to have a good day or not. What are you going to decide to do today?