A Killer Marketing Strategy I Learned From A Nigerian Prince!

Nigerian Prince Marketing Strategy For Shop Owners

[Video Transcription]: I wanted to share with you today an absolutely killer marketing strategy that I just got from a Nigerian prince. Yes we are talking about that very same Nigerian Prince that has been sending you all those e-mails all these years he’s been sending millions and millions of other people that exact same e-mail and he sent that e-mail to me the other day and I figured it out. It is an absolutely brilliant brilliant brilliant marketing strategy that I want to share with you not so that you could continue on with the scam that he’s that he’s getting out there in a market but you so you can use the same strategy that’s behind it to attract great customers to your shop so bear with me here a little bit. And Kay let me let me explain. Okay so you’ve gotten those e-mails before right. You know they’re very poorly written obviously scampi type of an email. Right. You’ve seen them before you get them all the time I still get them all the time. And and you and I look at this and say there’s no way in heck that this could possibly ever work. Who would be so gullible as to respond to this yet. Every year they scam hundreds of millions probably billions of dollars from very unsuspecting very gullible kindhearted people maybe. But that continues to work time and time and time again. How is that possible. Well it is because they are actually doing target marketing. Yes they are targeting their market.

They’re targeting their message to the right markets and they are doing a great job on it. Now typically what you would look at it and say you know while this is obviously a scam you’d figure that if they really get their shit together they’d figure out that this looks like a scam. They do a much better job in making it a whole lot less scamming. Well therein lies the brilliance of what it is that they’re doing. They are actually intentionally making it scamming to deter you or I from responding to it because look they’re sending out They’ve probably sent out you know hundreds of millions of these e-mails over the years. But just imagine if they did a great job and made making it’s you know not scamming. How many responses they’d be giving over and over and over and over and over again you know people would be picking up the phone they’d be sending in text messages messaging them on Facebook or whatever the response mechanism that they’re asking is they’d be getting deluged with responses because people would think it’s legitimate because if they legitimized the message they would they’d be inundated. But you and I would even if we got past the first thing is we didn’t seem scamming on the very first email we would quickly figure out that after a couple of e-mails back and forth or a quick phone call we would have figured out it’s a scam and gotten rid of it right. Well see that’s where the brilliance is. They are really only trying to attract the people that are gullible enough not even to be able to see that the original scamming email is actually a scam.

So they couldn’t handle all of the responses if they tried to legitimize their message. So what they’ve done is they’ve made it really scammers so that the only people that are responding are pretty darn gullible and they’re the ones that have more likely are a chance to give them the money that they are seeking. OK so they’re repelling you and I and attracting the people that are more likely to fall for the scam. Brilliant absolutely brilliant. OK. So how does this apply to your auto repair shop. Now let’s take the scam out of that. OK. I don’t want anybody to kind of think that you know that there is a you know that I’m promoting some sort of a scam but I am promoting the brilliance behind the scam in their ability to target the right person that they want to get to their shop. OK. So let’s look at your shop. I don’t know how big your market area is. If you’ve got 5000 ten thousand one hundred thousand maybe a million people in your market area could you service every one of the vehicles that are in your area. Chances are unless you’re really really rural there is no way in heck you’d be able to handle everyone you could only handle like a little teeny tiny slice of that right. So why are you marketing to everybody. Why is your message so generic that you’re trying to attract Everybody to your shop.

So what I mean by that. Well if you’re let’s say a premium play a price shop Why are you going out and advertising a low priced oil change. You know it’s not controlling you’re attracting somebody that’s looking for a deal yet you’re not going to give him a good deal when they get there. OK. So you’re going to be wasting a lot of time with people attack attracting people that you don’t want in your shop simply by marketing to everybody OK. So for example we here at repair shop coach I repel those that I cannot serve or that I chose not to serve. And I attract people that I cancer. So basically what we do here at repair shop coach is we help shop owners hit the million dollar mark with their business very quickly and easily and make a six figure or multi six figure income while doing it. In other words we simplify running an auto repair shop get the shops to the size that they want to get it to and make a very good living. OK. That’s what we do but see not everybody wants that for their shop. There are some people that are perfectly happy with where they’re at. There are some people that are perfectly happy being a one man or two bank man shop and they want to keep it small. Well we don’t serve them. So we actually try to repel that. So if you remember not too long ago I did a message just like this where I was suggesting that there are quite a few people in the industry that are better off served closing their shop and going to work for somebody else.

And that is my feeling now that they’re struggling so hard right now they’re a better technician than they are a owner. So why not be a technician. Just go ahead and give up the business and go work for somebody because God knows we’re looking for good technicians out there. So you know I’m well-known for repelling those that I can’t serve but attracting those because you know we’ve gotten amazing success stories of people that have gotten to that million dollar mark. So we we get that out in the market. And if that’s something that a shop owner is looking for will where the people if if their shop owner wants to be small or is perfectly happy with where they’re at. Well they’re not our customer. So I kind of repel them a little bit. So how about you. What are you doing to attract just the perfect person for you what is the message you’re getting out in the market. Who are you targeting that message. Message two. So next time that you’re going to send down and blanket your entire area with postcards or do a vow pack or or do Facebook advertising or whatever marketing you’re doing to attract new customers in the door think long and hard before you do that and say Is this the message that is going to attract the right person for me. Am I a discount place.

If so advertise the discounts. If you’re not a discount place if you’re more of a premium advertise a better message and attract the person that’s more interested in spending more money with their shop. It’s important to get the right message to the right market if you want to have the right business just like this Nigerian prince taught me. If you attract the right people you have a better chance of being successful. I hope this helps. Now remember this is not a scam. This is a legitimate business idea that I want you to employ. Next time you do some marketing