Stop Living on Someday Isle

Auto Repair Shop Owners Stuck On “Someday Isle”

Let me tell you about Someday Isle. It’s a small little deserted island in the middle of nowhere that it seems like every auto repair shop owner wants to go there or they’re living there every single day. Now you’re probably wondering what the hell am I talking about? Well, I keep hearing it day after day, after day is”

Someday… I’ll stop working so many hours at the shop.
Someday… I’ll start making more money.
Someday… I’ll have that auto repair shop of my dreams.
Someday… I’ll open up that other auto shop location.
Someday… I’ll take my shop to a million dollars or more.
Someday… I’ll have that six figure income that I deserve because I’m working so damn hard.
Someday… I’ll start charging higher prices for the awesome services that I provide.
Someday… I’ll learn how to sell a whole lot better.
Someday… I’ll get that training.

In other words, everybody keeps talking about what’s going to happen someday on Someday Island. That’s where everybody seems to be living in the future. It’s way off of the distance. I’m telling you that you can do that right now. You can have that shop of your dreams. You can be working fewer hours than you’re already doing. You could be making a whole lot more money. In this economy and with what’s happening out there right now, it’s the best time ever to be an auto repair shop owner. You know it and I know it because there are so many people that are getting record incomes and record sales. So you know this is something that you want to make sure that you do whatever you possibly can to get to that level.

Interested In Reaching that $1 Million Dollar Mark In Your Auto Repair Shop?

Speaking of living on Someday Isle and someday having that million dollar shop and a six figure income. Well my business partner Gerry Frank who is well-known for taking a small, rundown abandoned shop during the height of the recession in one of the poorest cities in the nation. And he took it from zero to a million dollars in only one year while working about 15 hours or so on average.

Well, he’s gonna be doing his very first webinar (recording now available for a limited time!) all by his lonesome self or where he’s gonna be talking about exactly how to take your shop from zero to a million dollars he’s gonna be talking about how he did it and how you can easily do it too, so after I’m done with this I’m going to go down below and I’m going to post it down below this video here a link where you can sign up for that webinar.

I’ve actually been given a sneak preview of his webinar and I’m going to tell you, it’s amazing. He’s giving away a lot of great information that will help take your shot no matter where it is to wherever you want it to go so go down below. Sign up for that webinar and this as long as you’re down below. Leave me a comment!

Click Here To Watch Gerry Frank’s Webinar: “How I Took My Shop From Zero To A Million Dollars In One Year”