How to finally fix the biggest problem that’s been holding you back – once and for all!

Fix Your Biggest Problem – Once And For All!

I want to talk about something that’s going to get your week started off really well and start off with a bang. And also at the exact same time help you fix that nagging problem that thing that’s just been the biggest pain in the ass to you. The thing that’s been holding you back for for forever in your business or in your personal life It doesn’t matter which because this applies for both.

There’s a simple solution to fixing an auto repair shop owner’s biggest problem. Everybody looks for the really difficult convoluted “I need a 20 step way to fix the problem.” I’m going to tell you right now the simplest way to fix the problem you have is to do something about it. Get started on it and not just have it on your list of to-do’s. Get it done. Start actually working on it.

My Challenge To You

I’m going to give you a little challenge here. This simple piece of advice is going to prove how awesome it is. You know, there are things that you can do that are going to take your business moving forward. There’s a lot of little things you can do. However, there’s always those big giant boulders, those things that when you tackle them and once you fix them, all of a sudden it just like it releases the handbrake on your car and in your auto repair business. It takes you and propels you forward, it gets you over that that biggest hump.

I’m going to challenge you right now to figure out what that one thing is this week.  But it’s important to understand that you can’t do everything. That’s a problem as entrepreneurs and shop owners, we try to do everything. You can’t do everything so all you have to do this week is do the one thing in that one thing is the most difficult thing that you need to do.

It’s Time To Make A Change

So I don’t care whether it’s needing to find a tech, and you might be saying “Well Ron I can’t find a tech.” Well how hard are you really looking to find a tech? “Well I’ve got a couple of ads out there.” I’m here to tell you, well, that’s not enough Bubba! You’ve got to do a lot to attract somebody new to your shop. Attract! Make your shop attractive to a technician. So you had to do a lot more to get there. So what is the one thing holding you back?

Is it having a difficult conversation with with an employee? Is it maybe you getting off your ass and finally raising your prices? Are you sticking to that minimum gross profit margin? What is that thing that you’ve been holding back on fixing?

Now as I said it’s real simple advice but I promise you if you finally start tackling those big issues the small ones they take care of themselves. I hope this helps have a phenomenal week. It’s Monday. Go out and kill it this week.