How Valuable Is Your Message?

The Difference Between A $1 and a $100 Bill

There is a difference between these two. One of them is obviously 100 times more valuable than the other. But when we look at the two side-by-side, we see a lot of things that are same. They’re exactly the same size same paper, same size, have the same feel of the paper, and the same ink. Pretty much everything is exactly the same between the two.

In order to make a one hundred dollar bill, it costs the same to make a one dollar bill so there’s not really a whole lot of changes or a lot of differences between these two. Even if you look on the back of each, there’s some really really intricate artwork so they spared no expense at putting some great artistic value to each bill. Yet, one hundred dollar bill worth one hundred times more than the one dollar bill. Do you know why tone is worth more?

Not because it’s ninety nine dollars more. I’m talking about the actual paper itself. Well, I’ll just jump to the chase here. It’s the message that’s written on the paper. The one hundred dollar bill has a message that clearly identifies it as being worth one hundred dollars. The one dollar has a message that clearly identifies it as a single dollar.

What’s The Value Of Your Auto Repair Message?

So the question I have for you today is not just what the differences between the two are, but what kind of message are you getting out there in the marketplace for your auto repair shop? Are you getting a message out there to your auto repair customers that would be equivalent to the one dollar bill? When people see your shop do they see just the same old same old shop? The same thing that everybody else has? A dirty, smelly, stinky, loud shop?

Or do your customers they see a one hundred dollar shop? Something that’s one hundred times the value, that’s totally different, much more professional looking, and clean looking shop. See, it doesn’t cost any more to have a better message out there. The one dollar bill and one hundred dollar bill cost you the same amount of money to produce. The same thing goes with your auto repair shop.

If you want to add more value to your business look at the message you’re getting out there. You can have a one dollar message or a one hundred dollar message. The choice is yours.