Most shop owners I talk to do very, very little auto repair marketing, or do no marketing at all. Yet they’re wondering, “How come there’s no cars in the shop?” Now you might be thinking, wherever you live, that the summer is your busiest time, and you’re really, really busy. All of a sudden the kids go back to school, and it becomes fall. You’re wondering, “Where the heck did all the car count go?” Well, that’s because you didn’t really do anything to go get them.attract auto repair customers You kind of relied on mother nature to fill your shop during your busy seasons. Every auto repair shop has a busy season, and they have a slow season. Well, okay I get it. During the busy seasons you may not feel like you need to market. You should, but you may not feel like you need to. In the slow seasons you can’t sit there and sit on your hands and say, “Well, where are all the cars?” I’m going to tell you, you have to be really proactive with your auto repair marketing instead of reactive.

Reactive is waiting for the weather to change. Proactive is going and doing some auto repair marketing, and doing something to get cars into your shop. You might be saying, “Well I am doing marketing. I’m sending out emails, or oil change reminders.” Well, how’s that doing for your car count? Do you still need more? If so, well then you need to do more auto repair marketing. It’s not enough just to do some marketing. What you need to do is you need to keep your auto repair shop full all of the time. If whatever it is that you’re doing is not giving you enough car count, it’s time to do more marketing. We’ll be covering a little bit more about this over these next seven videos on Critical Marketing Mistakes often made by auto repair shop owners (the first four have been uploaded to YouTube, you can view them below). These videos will show you the kinds of marketing that you should do. We’ll be talking about the audience you should be targeting, what to do, what not to do.

auto repair video trainingI want to impress on you, your business doesn’t exist unless you have a customer in your shop. You can’t make any money off the car that’s just driving by your shop. No, you gotta do whatever you can to get them in your shop, and get them in there today so that you have a chance of making money. Nothing happens until you get that customer and more customers in your shop, and that’s what we’re going to be talking about on my seven video series (click the link for access and get signed up – it’s free!) – helping you attract more quality car count to your shop.

“I see it time and time again, over the past 20 years that I’ve been doing this. Auto Repair shop owners tend to make the same mistakes over, and over, and over again. I’m going to be talking about the top seven, and how you can fix that and get more quality car count to your shop. Without further ado, here is critical mistake number one” – Ron Ipach, AKA Captain Car Count.