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Ron Ipach
Ron IpachCo-Founder
For 20 years, Ron has helped over 5536 auto repair shop owners to get and keep all the top-quality customers they can handle. Marketing auto repair services is all he does. He lives, eats, and breathes it every day. He has seen, heard, and tested practically every kind of marketing there is out there today. He’s examined the results. He’s tweaked and tested dozens of strategies over and over in order to maximize their results. Because Ron has personally worked with so many shop owners over the years, he has the distinction of being the only person in the world that knows exactly what marketing works, and what doesn’t work for auto repair shops in today’s economy. He finds passion in amplifying time & freedom for his clients while helping them take back control of their businesses.
Gerry Frank
Gerry FrankCo-Founder
Gerry once struggled to survive as a shop owner, having little free time to spend with his family. Knowing giving up was not an option, he made a plan on how to survive. More cars, more staff, more money . . . He sorted it all out by trial & error; putting effective systems in place for his employees to follow, building a team of dedicated employees, learning what a good job looked like and concentrating on filling the schedule, so much so, that he needed more space and recently completed construction that has doubled the number of bays. Today the shop doesn’t only survive – it thrives. Currently Gerry works a couple of hours a week on three shops. Thanks to the large profits the three shops now generate, Gerry is living the life he has always dreamed of living. He now feels fortunate to give back to other struggling shop owners, helping them reach heights they couldn’t imagine.
Keith McCrone
Keith McCroneCo-Founder
Struggling to pay the bills, Keith worked endless hours wearing all the hats at his shop. He was the technician, bookkeeper, manager, service writer and customer service representative. Today Keith has moved from a leased repair shop with four bays to a state-of- the-art facility, an 11 bay dream shop which he was able to build from the ground up on his own land! And by the way, he was also able to move out of his sister’s attic and into his 3,000 sq ft dream house, also built from the ground up. Keith has 26 years experience in the Automotive business, 11 years of turning wrenches and 15 years as a shop owner. His three shops together have sales over 4.5 million annually. Keith enjoys speaking to and coaching other shop owners, because he knows what it’s like to acheive your dream as a owner himself!
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