Your #1 Most Important Aspect
(Without it, you’d lose everything!)

[Video Transcription]:

I want to talk about the most important asset that you have. And without this asset you would lose everything you’d lose your business. You’d lose your home. You’d lose your family. You’d lose everything. Now what is it. It’s you. You’re the most important asset that you have without you. Your business wouldn’t function. You know most shop owners. The business is built on their backs. You know without you being able to go to the shop that things would run properly. Well if you don’t have your health you don’t have you you don’t have you in your business. So what I’m really talking about today is getting your stuff together and get a little bit more healthy. I loved you to get. I’d love for you to get way more healthy but a little bit more healthy would probably do you a world of good. Now me personally today marks day consecutive workout day four hundred and fifty one days. That’s right four hundred fifty one days in a row. I have gotten my butt out of bed and worked out. Now that’s not my record. Shortly before that I had seven hundred and ninety three days of consecutive workouts but due to have this little thing called a kidney stone and three trips to the emergency room in a short period of time kind of knocked me out of condition for about twelve days. But I got right back on that horse and now I’m up to four hundred and fifty one days in a row.

Now I’m not saying this though I’m saying this to brag because I’m pretty damn impressed with it. I hope you are but I’m not doing it because I’m some superhuman. You can do it too it doesn’t it doesn’t take anything other than the desire to get healthy I started out doing this mainly because I didn’t want to die. I didn’t want to you know I didn’t want to feel old. I needed to be a lot more. When you say alive if I want to run this business because without me, the business wouldn’t survive and without you, your business wouldn’t survive. And what happens if you can’t be there. Let’s say God forbid something happen to you because of your health and you couldn’t go into the shop for two or three weeks or a month or six months would your business even survive. And that your health scare that you may have. Could it have been prevented simply by going it just spending a little time to work out to get a little bit more healthy. There’s two things that’s required to get healthy one to move more and the other is to eat better. Now we’re going to talk about dieting today because that’s you know that’s that’s a sore subject for a whole lot of people but simply by working out every single day or every other day or just moving.

OK now you may say “But Ron I don’t have the time. I run an auto repair shop. I simply don’t have the time to get out and and work out.” Well let me tell you I got to the gym this morning at 6:00 a.m. you know by the way I operate on the same 24 hour day that you do that everybody else does. We all have the same amount of time. You know if you focus on something you will find the time. But when I got to the gym this morning at 6:00 a.m. there’s probably two dozen people walking out of the gym that got there when it opened at 5:00 a.m. see people you can get up a little earlier there’s this thing called an alarm. They’ll get you out of bed and look it sucks to get out of bed every single morning extra early to go workout. I get it but it sucks a lot worse to be unhealthy and feel bad all the time and not have energy and and it really sucks to die early too. I want you to live longer and I’m sure your family does too in your employees because again without you the most important asset you will not be in business.  So how does it get started and what do you need to do. Well it doesn’t really take any more time to get started. Now if you’ve been not working out and not moving a whole lot you just gotta get started.

Here’s a real quick way to get started: Go ahead start slow. I want you to start slow. I think a lot of people start off to too fast and to hit the gym and they’re pumping iron or running. And for the next week they’re so store they can’t even move. I don’t want that to happen to you because it’s a really that’s a big to turn to get back in and do it again. But you can start slow. Look you watch TV right. Why not during every commercial break. You just stand up and walk in place. It’s that simple. Believe it or not stand up a walk in place. Now depending on your level of fitness that might be a lot it may be a very little. So that wouldn’t be the place for you to start if that doesn’t seem to even get your heart rate up. But if it does get your heart rate up stand up. March in place during every commercial. So I did some quick little homework before I did this and during an hour of television. If you watch an hour of television there are 22 minutes of commercial time. If you just watch a simple hour of television and you march in place for four that time it’s 22 minutes. So you went on a twenty two minute walk without leaving your living room without having to spend that extra time that everybody thinks is needed in order to work out.

You simply don’t have to go and do that. If you’re in a little bit better fitness than during a commercial break make it a goal to do 10 pushups every commercial break or 10 sit ups every commercial break or 10 squats every commercial break. If you’re gonna be watching March madness this weekend there are during a typical basketball game there are 14 commercial breaks. Now there are. That’s typical and maybe a little bit more so if you did 10 pushups during each break during a basketball game. You’d have done one hundred and forty setups. By the time the game is over. 140 push push ups squats setups whatever it is just 10 each commercial break. If you’re watching a football game for example there are 20 commercial breaks on there so you’d have 200 pushups or 200 sit ups or 200 squats or a combination of them. By the time that game is done again it doesn’t take more time. You’re sitting there already to simply get off the couch and go do something during that commercial break. Now as I said before exercise is half of the equation but it’s got to start somewhere. A lot of people think that exercising takes too much time too much effort. Well of course it should take effort. That’s the point right. But it’s hard to fit inside the bay.

I’m telling you you do have the time. As a matter of fact when you’re done watching this video right now. Drop it give me 10 pushups or 10 setups or 10 squats or Marchant place for five minutes or go out. Enjoy the day and walk around the block. You can do that right now. I guarantee you have the time and then do it again tomorrow and the next day and the next day and the next day. Now the reason why I’m talking about this right now is if you’re watching this live on Facebook this Friday and just a few days I’m going to be doing a live podcast with Carm Capriotto and we’re gonna be talking about your most important asset which is you. OK. Now he has a town hall Academy that’s on Facebook and some case cast as part of his Web site as well I believe that you can watch and you can watch. It’s going to be devoting the time specifically towards this subject so I’ll be talking about this and a lot more in-depth on how you can get started taking care of the most important asset which is you. Because again without you you don’t have a business without your health. You may not have a life. So I want you to be a lot more healthy I want you to be around a lot more to enjoy the fruits of the labor of everything that you’re doing in your shop every single day.